HMC Translation Projects


1) Go With the Flow --Satipatthana Sutra, Practice of Four Foundations of Mindfulness, Bhante Sujiva, 2019. 

2) A Discourse on Silavanta Sutra --Observing the nature of the Five Aggregates of Grasping to abandon attachments as the main source of defilements.  Mahasi Sayadaw, 2017. 

3) A Discourse on Malakyaputta Sutra --The practice of guarding the Six Senses: "Wherever you have fallen down, this is exactly the area that you have to work hard on to overcome the defilements."  Mahasi Sayadaw, 2016. 

4) A Discourse on Dependent Origination --Practice the process of conditioning according to the Universal Law of Nature.  Mahasi Sayadaw, 2018. 

5) Footpaths Through the Wild Mists of Mount Illusion --The practice of Insight Meditation in the light of Buddhist Metaphysics.  A book about pragmatic Abhidhama.  Bhante Sujiva, 2017