A Final Word


If you have successfully put into practice the guidance and suggestions offered to you in the preceding beginner’s sections, then you are truly on your way. Good work! By this time, you should have a regular practice schedule, a place to practice, and maybe even begin to notice some subtle changes in your world. These ‘first hand experiences’ will give you the impetus to keep working, for your faith/confidence in the value of meditation is growing.

If you are still working with the beginner’s material, you are to be congratulated as well! As once said, this is not a race or competition. Take your time, get the basics down, and keep practicing. If you do, you will appreciate your effort.

Whatever your progress point, it is highly recommended now to seek out an extended retreat, or a group meditation class. Start small if your time is somewhat limited. There are weekend retreats to attend. If you have more time available, preferably, attending at least a ten day retreat would be an excellent choice.

Once your practice habit is firmly in place, let it lead you. As your spiritual life begins to awaken, a new perspective and an individual transformation will begin to unfold as well, on your ‘journey of new discoveries’!