About Us

Mission Statement

The Houston Meditation Center (HMC) is a non profit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and practice of meditation. It is the HMC’s purpose to educate, offer guidance, and provide informative resources for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Since its inception in 2005, the HMC has played a key role in helping individuals gain insight into the practice of meditation, and how it can be applied to daily life.

      Regardless of religious background or life perspective, the HMC welcomes the opportunity to assist anyone who is seriously interested in learning this valuable skill of mental training. It is the HMC’s goal to encourage and inspire beginners to build a solid foundation for the construction of a successful meditation practice. For advanced practitioners, we are equally committed to the task of offering practical, effective suggestions and study aids to further enhance and deepen meditative practice.

      Whether beginner or advanced, young or old, Eastern or Western, we invite all to investigate and begin this sojourn on a ‘Journey of New Discoveries.’

It is a journey worth taking.


Contact Information

All submissions for articles, presentations, etc., for consideration to be placed on the HMC website should be submitted by email to the respective site administrators listed below: