Body, Mind and Spirit In Oneness

When the heart beats,

the over 96,500 arteries and capillaries follow.

The extensive network of nerves send out countless impulses;

the hundreds of bones, muscles and joints move in unison.

With great complexity and harmony they work and act.

The body operates in many ways unseen and unknown.

When there is joy, together they work and play;

the body is then a theatre and stadium.

When there is faith, together they meditate and pray;

the body is then a church and temple.

If one can witness and observe the invisible mental forces behind them,

that are more complicated and subtler than what the eyes can see;

that run many times faster; that change much more quickly;

that spreads infinitely in another limitless inner space–

then one can understand that it reaches to the ends of the universes!


– A Poem by Ven. Sujiva