Developing The Right Attitude

The mental attitude with which you approach your meditation sessions will VERY MUCH determine the outcome of your practice. A good, basic guideline to follow is called ‘The Four ‘No’ Ground Rules’. These four ‘Nos’ are:

No Judgments
No Expectations
No Comparisons
No Complaints

      It is important to understand that during meditation, you are not trying to create or make anything happen (greed); you are not trying to avoid any experiences, good or bad (aversion); nor are you trying to ignore experiences (delusion). Whatever arises during your sessions, you simply note them, and then gently bring your attention back to your meditation object, which for now as a beginner, is the rising and falling of your abdomen as you breath in and out. There are some meditation methods that use the passing of breath at the nosetip as the meditation object, but with the Vipassana style being taught here at this site, the rising and falling of the abdomen is suggested.

      For this segment of Developing The Right Attitude, we recommend the following resources for study: